About Us


East Asia Beverages (EAB) was founded in 2020 with the desire to bridge the gap between mainstream and craft beers, into one dynamic portfolio.  Founder and CEO Adrian Sim, an industry stalwart with 20 years of building mainstream international brands observed the rise of craft beers over the last decade which has opened up the consumer’s mind to new brands. 


The onset of Covid-19 agitated the industry - big beer companies were challenged in building their main stream brands and smaller craft beer companies found it harder to gain distribution footholds.  This stirred up many opportunities for beer players in the market, and the business model of pre Covid-19 needed to change.  


The pursuit of bringing premium quality small batched craft beers closer and fresher to our customers navigated EAB to explore regionally.   This endeavour landed a partnership with Crossroads Brewing Company and a few other bespoke craft brands whose pride and confidence are reflected in their traditional beer production in new light.  It is still early days and we are continuing our acquisition of regional brands to complement EAB’s portfolio and philosophy of corporate responsibility, sustainability and community as we restructure our supply chain.   


Passion and purpose delve deep in EAB as we create and mould this new business model with the aspiration of extending the portfolio of EAB’s own brands.  Retaining the backbone of an unrivalled experienced draught and logistics team, East Asia Beverages is poised to fully capitalise on the premiumisation and de-commoditisation of the Singapore beer market through our collaboration channels.