East Asia Beverages has made it its top priority to supply clients with the best products available. Our team of 80 committed employees work hard to guarantee that whenever our clients think of quality, they’ll be thinking of us. Take a look at our wide range of inventory and shop for your every culinary need.


We are proud to offer a diverse portfolio of the world’s most iconic beer brands like Staropramen, Miller Genuine Draft, Blue Moon Belgian White, Hahn Super Dry, Magners Original Cider, O’Hara Irish Stout, CrossRoad, Falling Apple, Tooheys NEW, James Bougs Premium and XXXX Gold.   

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Beer Series

Our classic beverages can make the perfect addition to your dining experience. Not sure what drink to pair your meal with? A member of our staff would be more than happy to help you decide.


Staropramen brewmasters have created a traditional beer that captures your attention with its full flavoured taste, rich aroma and seductive opal colour. This premium beer is brewed with wheat malt and finest hops that meet a touch of coriander, which together brings a unique and refined note to its taste.

A perfect choice for carefully selected moments.