Adrian Sim of East Asia Beverages - How to Dominate the Beer Market, “Four Hours to Chicken Rice”

Updated: Aug 25

Adrian is an entrepreneur with a long history in stock broking, property and over the last many years of experience, in beer, having represented many international brands in Singapore. He has seen a monopolistic beer market become one in which brands are able to compete on their own merits. Adrian is now turning his attention to brand acquisition and development through East Asia Beverages. He is totally sold by Crossroad’s brand positioning and quality. Adrian is an avid sports person and is only too happy to be out in the open, with a beer preferably.

Please check out his company’s new craft beer, Crossroads. It can be found online and in bars in Singapore. Also see his full portfolio at East Asia Beverages.

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David: Steam Ale Terng:

Magners Irish Cider

Adrian: Staroprame Premium


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