Gluten Free Bundle (Promo Ended)

Updated: Aug 25

Original Price is $446 for 4 cases. BUT NOW, IS ONLY $240 FOR 4 CASES ONLY!!

*Note: The expiry date of Hahn Ultra Crisp is at July 2021 and Magners Original Apple Cider is at April 2022.

What you get: 2 Cases x Hahn Ultra Crisp 2 Cases x Magners Original Apple Cider

Hahn Ultra Crisp Hahn Ultra Crisp is an easy-drinking, lower carb lager brewed with a revolutionary new process using rice to create a cleaner, crisper tasting beer that is also preservative free, 99% sugar free and gluten free. It combined aromatic hops and a specifically chosen yeast to deliver a crisp , dry beer that is low in bitterness, has light citrus aromas and a clean finish.

Magner Original Apple Cider When William Magner set out to make Ireland’s greatest cider in 1935, this is what he came up with. We’ve barely changed it since then, but why would we? Made with 17 different varieties of fallen apples, pressed and then kept in the dark to mature for a couple of years, it is the crispest, most refreshing way to celebrate any moment. Well rounded taste with balanced sweetness. Has a delicate but deep fruity flavour derived from fresh ripe apples with hints of oak and spicy vine fruits.

Are you a business owner of Cafe/Club/Pubs/Restaurants/Stalls and looking for beer distributor in Singapore? Please feel welcome to contact us +6588692636. Our Sales Team will assist you right away. OR you are just want to buy 1 or few cases only? No Problem too, we provide free deliver to you if your order above $150.00, and there will be $20 delivery charges if your order below $150.00

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