Labour Day Promotion Bundle (Promo Ended)

Updated: Aug 25

Original Price is $318 for 3 cases. BUT NOW, IS ONLY $170 FOR 3 CASES ONLY!!

What you get: 1 Case x Hahn Ultra Crisp 1 Case x James Boag's Premium 1 Case x XXXX Gold

Hahn Ultra Crisp Hahn Ultra Crisp is an easy-drinking, lower carb lager brewed with a revolutionary new process using rice to create a cleaner, crisper tasting beer that is also preservative free, 99% sugar free and gluten free. It combined aromatic hops and a specifically chosen yeast to deliver a crisp , dry beer that is low in bitterness, has light citrus aromas and a clean finish.

James Boag's Premium James Boag’s Premium is a smooth, subtle lager, a perfect balance between hop and malt. It’s created with the finest ingredients, world-class brewing skills and the pure waters of Tasmania. We’ll never compromise on the quality of James Boag’s Premium or the water we use to make it.

XXXX Gold XXXX Gold is an easy-drinking mid-strength beer that’s big on taste. Brewed with the finest Australian malted barley and unique golden cluster hops, XXXX Gold has a balanced smooth flavour and body, complimented by mild bitterness and trace sweetness from the extra malt. As soon as it hits your lips, there’s no mistaking the refreshing taste of GOLD. It’s no wonder why it’s Australia’s number one beer.

Are you a business owner of Cafe/Club/Pubs/Restaurants/Stalls and looking for beer distributor in Singapore? Please feel welcome to contact us +6588692636. Our Sales Team will assist you right away. OR you are just want to buy 1 or few cases only? No Problem too, we provide free deliver to you if your order above $150.00, and there will be $20 delivery charges if your order below $150.00

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