Staropramen Premium Lager Bundle (Promo Ended)

Updated: Aug 25

Original Price is $330 for 3 cases. BUT NOW, IS ONLY $168 FOR 3 CASES ONLY!!

What you get: 3 Cases x Staropramen Premium

#1 Prague Beer In The World The pleasantly smooth taste and well-rounded flavour of Staropramen rewards your palate with a soft malty flavour, before finishing off with gentle bitterness. Coming from a city of lovable sins that knows everything there is to know about great beer and enjoying life, Staropramen has many stories to tell you‒ stories about life well spent.

Are you a business owner of Cafe/Club/Pubs/Restaurants/Stalls and looking for beer distributor in Singapore? Please feel welcome to contact us +6588692636. Our Sales Team will assist you right away. OR you are just want to buy 1 or few cases only? No Problem too, we provide free deliver to you if your order above $150.00, and there will be $20 delivery charges if your order below $150.00

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